Welcome to The Namaste Indian Cuisine At Vancouver WA, Portland OR, And Lloyd Center
Vegetable Biryani $13.00
 Basmati rice with mixed vegetables and spices 

Chicken Biryani    $ 14.00 
 Basmati rice with chicken and spices

Lamb Biryani        $ 17.00 
 Basmati rice with lamb and spices 

Shrimp Biryani      $ 19.00
 Basmati rice with shrimp and spices
A La Carte: an entrée with basmati rice

Dinner ($4 more): served with your choice of salad or lentil soup; chef's choice of vegetable curry; raita; basmati rice; plain nan or garlic nan and chef's choice of dessert.

Tandoori and Kabab Entrées 
Tandoori Chicken 
Chicken marinated in yogurt sauce and baked in clay oven            A La Carte $13     

Chicken Tikka 
Boneless chicken breast cubes baked in clay oven          A La Carte $14    

Lamb Boti Kabab  
Tender lamb cubes marinated in yogurt and spices, 
baked in clay oven                       A La Carte $18     

Tandoori Mixed Grill 
Assorted items from above              A La Carte $19     
Chicken Entrées  /  Lamb Entrées  
All Chicken Entrees: A La Catre- $13.00 each   Dinner- $17.00 each

Chicken Curry 
Tender pieces of chicken prepared on a flavorful, 
full-bodied, yet mildly spiced sauce  

Chicken Makhini  
Chicken breasts baked in clay oven and cooked in mild, 
creamy sauce and nuts           

Spinach Chicken 
Chicken cooked with spinach curry              

Chicken Vindaloo 
Curried chicken with potatoes cooked in a 
special spicy HOT sauce                 

Chicken Tikka Masala 
Clay oven bakedboneless chicken breasts cooked 
with tamarind, ginger, garlic and onioncurry         

Goa Chicken Curry  
Chicken pieces cooked with medium or hot sauce 
with ginger and garlic             

Namaste Special Chicken 
Specialty of the house, chicken cooked with slowly fried
vegetables and sauce 
All Lamb Entrees: A La Carte- $16.00 each   Dinner- $20.00 each

Lamb Curry 
Tender pieces of lamb gently stewed in our flavorful,
mildly spiced masala sauce             

Lamb Khoorma 
Select generously sized pieces of lamb prepared with raisins,
nuts, cashews in our favorite cream sauce, 
very mild, but ultimately rich in flavors and substance 

Goa Lamb Curry 
Tender lamb pieces cooked in medium or hot sauce 
with coconut, ginger, and garlic          

Lamb Tikka Masala 
Lamb roasted in our Tandoori oven, then sauteed in a
tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, tamarind sauce         

Spinach Lamb 
Lamb cooked with spinach gravy              

Lamb Vindaloo  
Select cubes of curried lamb with potatoes in a
special spicy HOT sauce           

Seafood Entrées
All Seafood Entrees: A La Carte- $17.00 each   Dinner- $21.00 each

Fish Curry 
Serving of fresh halibut prepared in our special
mild spice sauce  

Mashlee Khoorma 
Halibut delicately prepared in cream sauce with 
raisins, cashews, nuts 

Fish Masala 
Marinated halibut with spicy curry sauce           

Shrimp Saag 
Shrimp cooked with spinach gravy             

Shrimp Vindaloo 
Curried shrimp with potatoes cooked in a
special spicy HOT sauce             
Vegetable Entrées
All Veg Entrees: A La Carte- $11.00 each   Dinner- $15.00 each

Dal Curry 
Mildly spiced lentil curry  

Dal Makhini 
Kidney beans and whole red lentil curry 

Mutter Paneer  
Homemade cheese with grean peas            

Aloo Mutter 
Mildly spiced potato and green pea curry                                           

Palak Paneer 
Homemade cheese cubes, cooked with spinach and mild spices          

Navaratan Khoorma 
Mixed vegetables with nuts and cream sauce                                      

Masala Aloo Gobi 
Cauliflower and potato curry, semi dry                                                

*Malai Kofta 
Homemade cheese balls in creamy nut sauce                                    

Chana Masala 
Garbanzo bean curry                                                                       

Bhindi Masala 
Spices with whole okras cooked with ginger and garlic                        

Shahi Paneer 
Creamy nut sauce with homemade cheese                                       
Vancouver : 6300 NE 117th Ave. Suite A  - Vancouver, WA 98662 Phone :- 360-891-5857
Portland : 8303 NE Sandy Blvd Portland , OR 97220 Phone :-503-257-5059
Lloyd Center: 1403 NE Weidler St. Portland, OR Phone: 503-442-3841 
                                                             Lamb Entrees
All biryani is served with raita unless Lactose Intolerant
* = Contains Gluten
    We take orders until 9:00pm. Thank you
     All items can be made nut-free upon request

All items can be adjusted to different spice levels